Why Do Cats Like Milk

Why Do Cats Like Milk, And Can it Be Good For Their Health?

Why do cats like milk so much you may ask? Well, actually, wait but, do cats really drink milk just like they drink water? Yes, they do, cats just like milk and not just water because it contains protein and fat. And why do cats like milk so much you may ask?

Milk is a perfect food for cats as it contains all the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy and well. And one of these nutrients is the enzyme lactase. The enzymes in milk break down lactose or milk sugars into lactic acid and glucose, which the body needs for energy. Lactase is important in the digestion process, because without it the intestines will simply not be able to handle lactose and sugar at the same time. So why do cats like milk so much you may ask?

One reason is that cats are naturally lactose intolerant, which means their digestive systems don’t work quite right. So, when they consume milk they can easily digest it and release the lactose so it can be digested. Also if they are not drinking enough water and yet still drink milk, it could be because they don’t have sufficient fluids (lessen the need for water by drinking less). This can also be caused by a poor diet and a lack of roughage. As cats do not produce any enzymes for digestion, it is difficult for them to digest plant materials (especially dairy) and therefore almonds which are rich in lactic acid are very beneficial for cats.

Another reason cats like milk is that many of them are under a lot of stress and they respond to it as a stress-relieving formula. They have been raised on milk and will often drink it during times of emotional upset or stress. The fact that it is also highly processed makes it even more effective as a stress reliever. Also it contains enzymes from grass which is something cats especially like. It can also help heal cuts and scrapes and although it does contain lactose it is generally lower than other types of milk available. Almond milk is also a great alternative for cats with milk allergy and in some cases is gentler on their skin than soy based milk.

There are other reasons why cats like milk products, but it is certainly clear that the main reason is because it is a good source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body really needs. Many cats are under a lot of stress and they respond to it as a stress-relieving formula. However, some other types of milk products may cause serious allergic reactions or illness in your cat, which can be fatal.

Cat milk may contain a small amount of lactose, which is a sugar derived from the cow’s milk. It is not the same as dairy, which is a dairy product derived from milk. While cats do not seem to be affected by small amounts of lactose they are quite sensitive to milk products which are high in lactose. For instance, if you give your cat a very small amount it may become very ill or it may die within hours. If it is given a very large amount then it could be fatal.

Lactose intolerance in cats is usually diagnosed when cats show major signs such as vomiting, diarrhea or excessive scratching. Lactose intolerance in adult cats can develop due to continuous feeding of mother cats’ milk over years and in severe cases where this has occurred the mother may well die. If milk is stopped suddenly it can be fatal for cats. The only way to tell if lactose is being made available to a kitten or if it is being given as a regular part of a diet is to have the cat evaluated by a veterinary surgeon.

Why do cats always drink water instead of milk has many factors. It may just be that cats are used to drinking water rather than milk from their mother’s milk. If you have kittens or cats you will know that they love milk but you must never feed them milk if they are suffering from lactose intolerance.

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